Focus on the student

From a humanistic and emotional point of view, the communicative approach we adopt in our courses places students at the centre of their learning process. Within this theoretical and methodological framework, didactics is aimed at encouraging the acquisition of the necessary practical, social and linguistic skills to improve speaking and writing dialogue interaction, comprehension and production in Italian in different contexts.

Learners are led to think about every aspect of the language - vocabulary, morphology and syntax, phonology, socio-pragmatics - in a stimulating learning environment favoring a genuine, spontaneous and efficient use of the language. The proposed communicative activities are aimed at encouraging the acquisition of Italian in an expressive and involving manner. The limited number of students per class also allows for everyone's participation and it guarantees special attention to the individual's needs.

The level of linguistic competence is evaluated based on the «Common European Framework of Reference for languages».

At the end of the courses, students will be able to:

  • effectively interact with native speakers in different daily-life situations;
  • move independently in the university contexts, with good grades and talking appropriately with teachers and students;
  • successfully working in specific professional contexts.

The broad variety of afternoon and evening cultural activities, and the many special classes organized by the Center give students the chance to discover and delve into the many aspects of the Italian culture, from art history, to music and cinema, to food and fashion.


The use of new technologies is coupled by the use of a vast range of materials adopted and/or developed based on the learners' profile (linguistic competence level, cognitive style, learning strategies).


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