Lingua Ideale, the new spin-off company of the University of Urbino "Carlo Bo", was established to answer the growing interest in the Italian language and culture both at home and abroad. The idea of founding Lingua Ideale originates from our big passion for our country, and from the desire to pass it on to our students with care and professionalism.

Our mission is to offer courses of Italian language and culture to foreigners which are carefully designed to meet the linguistic and professional needs of different users profiles.

Excellence is the trademark of our offer:

  • our team is made up of experienced teachers of Italian as a foreign language (FL) or as a Second Language (L2), of scholars of Italian studies and experts in event planning;
  • issuing of ECTS credits accepted by universities all over the world;
  • long tradition of the University of Urbino «Carlo Bo», partner of our company, one of the first universities to organize courses of Italian for foreigners (since 1947);
  • the town of Urbino, where our center is set, rated among the UNESCO world heritage sites and perfect destination for culture enthusiasts who, in this man-sized environment, can come into direct contact with the local people and world.

The center also organizes accommodation and stay for students during their sojourn, coupling linguistic activities with many cultural proposals which can show off the historical, artistic and environmental resources of the region. We believe, indeed, that learning a language also means being familiar with the culture of which that language is an expression.


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