CILS Certificate

At the University Language Center of the University of Urbino «Carlo Bo» you can take the exam to obtain the CILS Certificate - the Certification of Italian as a Foreign Language (B1, B2, C1), issued by the University for Foreigners of Siena.

The CILS is a certification based on the «Common European Framework of Reference for Languages», assessing the degree of linguistic and communicative competence of the Italian language at all levels (from A1 to C2).

All linguistic skills (listening, reading, writing, speaking and the ability to think about the different uses of the language) are evaluated:

  • to enter the job market;
  • to teach Italian;
  • to register at Italian Universities;
  • to be issued a long-term residence permit to live in Italy (minimum language level required A2);
  • • for any other situation where an official assessment of the degree of competence of the Italian language is required.
CILS exam dates:
1st December 2016 (submit within 26th October 2017)
8th June 2017 (submit within 28th April 2017)

For further information on how to enter the exam, please visit the websitehttp://www.cla.uniurb.it


Preparation to the CILS certificate

The Lingua ideale center offers language courses to prepare for the CILS exam. The classes are taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers.

The lessons are aimed at developing all the required skills, and at enabling students to become familiar with the exam tests they will have to take.

For further information on the courses and on costs, please contact the administration offices of Lingua Ideale.



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